Precast Concrete Retaining Wall -Green Waste

Green waste

Managing a green waste site, whether you deal in wood waste, biomass, composting, or any other green waste activity, it is important that your waste storage areas are purposeful and built to deal with the pressures of loading and machinery used in the day to day operations.

Whether you are operating inside a storage barn or freestanding storage outside, we offer a flexible solution for every need. Our specialist concrete retaining wall systems can be used as push walls, storage bays, or a dividing wall to maximise your space.

If you are looking for a flexible system with the ability to create a temporary, freestanding storage area or dividing wall we manufacture the concrete solution for you. Our products offer you the ability to move your storage area to best meet your needs together with the stability and security that’s required.

Alternatively, if the requirement is more permanent due to the load or pressures applied, we offer a range of concrete products which can be bolted down or cast in. Increasing the load capabilities and resistance to impact.

Recommended products for storing green waste

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