Precast Concrete - Energy from waste

Energy from waste

Energy from Waste (EfW) sites has significant use for precast concrete products, which are more commonly preferred to the in-situ options.

When building a EfW site, from the storage bunker to the bottom ash area, a precast concrete wall is ideal for offering a flexible and quick construction solution. Our wall panels are interlocking and can be bolted to a steel frame, providing a safe a secure fitting. Our bespoke team can design the wall panels to your specification and needs, working in conjunction with other advisors.

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Waste Storage Area

Before the waste enters the plant it may be necessary to create a storage area for treatment or until such a time that this can be loaded into the main storage bunker. Our versatile range of concrete retaining wall systems offers the perfect solution to your waste storage needs.

Experience has shown that our units can withstand significant use by mechanical plant used to move retained material. Ideal for dealing with the pressure from machinery and providing a long term durable bulk storage solution.

We manufacture units that have the benefits of precast but can be bolted down or cast in, to provide the security that the wall will withstand the pressure of waste management.

Recommended products for storing waste

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