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Prestressed Retaining Wall Panel – Accessories

There are a number of accessories available to be used in conjunction with the prestressed retaining wall panels.

Clips, bolts and sealant

As standard each panel comes with the necessary clips (fish plates), bolts and sealant. The clips and bolts are required to attach the panel to the steel framework to provide a secure fixing. The sealant, when used in conjunction with the interlocking joint design can provide a product proof seal.

Sealant applicator

The sealant applicator is the ideal solution for ensuring the sealant is evenly and accurately applied.

Lifting loops

Lifting loops are available to provide a safe and secure lift of the units, which makes installation much easier and quicker. The lifting loops are cast in to the panel to provide additional support in lifting. Chains or spreader bar can then be attached to the lifting loops.

Angle iron

Angle iron, sold by the metre, can be provided to give a secure corner connection of your panel units. When connecting panels abut a corner, where there is no other support, it is important to ensure secure fixing.

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