L-bloc® concrete retaining wall

L-bloc® Concrete Retaining Wall – Accessories

There are a number of accessories which can be used in conjunction with the L-bloc®  L shaped concrete wall panels to achieve a number of variants to the units use and capability.

Corner section

Allows the concrete retaining wall system to be continuous and ‘gap’ free. The corner section is the perfect solution if you are trying to achieve a stand alone storage area where the corner units are placed at right angles. The concrete corner section is designed to fill the gap for both internal and external use (i.e. foot in, foot out)

Corner brackets

To secure the corner sections in place a horizontal connecting strap can be attached to the corner unit to provide additional support against the load. The corner bracket will prevent movement and slippage of the corner section.

Ground fixings

The optional ground fixing kit is available to provide an even more secure surface attachment. If you are looking to create a more permanent structure, either immediately or at a later point in time, the L-Bloc® is designed to allow for optional ground fixing. The kit comes with all required steel and bolts, together with a tube of resin. Resin applicator sold separately.

Lifting attachment

The lifting attachment allows for easy and safe lifting, with cast in anchor points to create an equilibrium thus enabling a level lift. Designed to specific requirements of the L-Bloc design, the lifting attachment is the most efficient method of installing the units.

Sealant & applicator

The tongue and groove design of the L-Bloc allows for a seamless join to the units, however to achieve a watertight seal we can provide sealant which can be applied between the units. A sealant applicator is also available, sold separately.

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