Alfabloc® concrete retaining wall

Alfabloc® Concrete Retaining Wall – Accessories

There are a number of accessories which can be used in conjunction with the Alfabloc® ‘A’ frame concrete retaining wall units to achieve a number of variants to the units use and capability.

Corner sections

These allow the concrete retaining wall system to be continuous and ‘gap’ free. The corner section is the perfect solution if you are trying to achieve a stand alone storage area where the corner units are placed at right angles. The steel corner section can be applied to provide a gap free wall.

End covers

End cover seal the concrete retaining wall units and are available in a variety of designs. To finish off the end of the concrete retaining wall system a steel end cover can be attached to prevent grain, waste or any other stored product being lost in the Alfabloc ® void.

Ground fixings

The optional ground fixing kit is available to provide an even more secure surface attachment. If you are looking to create a more permanent structure, either immediately or at a later point in time, the unique Alfabloc® design allows for optional ground fixing.

Steel extensions

We can make both concrete and steel extension tops which can be used to increase the height of the Alfabloc® by 600mm and 1000mm (concrete only), meaning you can achieve a greater storage space if our standard heights are not quite enough. We can also offer advice as to the loading capabilities of the extended unit.

Connecting straps

The Alfabloc® is designed to allow for a recessed connecting strap to be attached vertically in order to provide a secure connection between the units. The connecting strap which assists in the spread of load horizontally provides a sealed joint and additional strength.

Lifting attachment

The unique lifting attachment ensures ease of construction, making an Alfabloc® wall a ‘one man’ operation. Designed to perfectly fit the concrete wall unit, the lifting attachment is the easiest and safest method of installing the Alfabloc®.

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