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Earth retaining walls

From foundations to concrete staircases and landings, the concrete used in house building has been designed and tested to withstand the tensile and compressive loads that it will be subjected to over their lifetime.

Earth retaining walls
Ultra-low carbon concrete
Earth retaining walls

Three of our retaining walls are popular choices for earth retaining walls:

Betaloc interlocking blocks (Gravity Wall)

Gravity walls use their own weight to hold the soil behind them and use their mass to resist pressure from behind. This is often the easiest and fastest wall to install but due to their weight they can require substantial foundations. Typically, these are used for lower height retaining walls being stacked no more than 3 high and are generally used for construction from the ground up.

Prestressed panels in between steel posts (King Post system)

A King Post system is where steel H-shaped columns are piled into the ground and then prestressed panels are installed in between them to hold back the earth. These are often popular for deep excavations. These walls use the lateral resistance of the pile to retain the earth and the walls are designed to transfer the pressure of the soil to the piled columns via the panels.

We offer a range of prestressed panels in a range of sizes from 1m to 1.5m high and from 1m up to 6.6m long.

L-Bloc (Cantilever wall)

By far the most popular choice for holding back earth are our L walls which consist of a stem and a base slab. The base slab consists of a heel and toe. The heel is the part of the base placed under the backfill. Cantilever walls work on the principle of leverage and are generally chosen for projects where larger heights are required. They are designed to use some of the soils own weight to resist the lateral earth pressures.

Available in standard range of heights from 1.2 metres up to 6m we can also provide bespoke sizes to meet with individual projects requirements.

L-bloc walls are a unique pre-stressed concrete unit with an innovative tongue and groove design which is ideal for bulk earth retaining walls. Produced in a factory-controlled environment and manufactured from high strength, C60 Concrete, with a minimum of 30mm cover to steel ensures that they are suitable for even the most exposed or demanding of locations. Lifting eye and hooks are built into the units with standard spacing to ensure they can be easily moved around your construction site.

Benefits in construction over in situ retaining walls

L-blocs give a number of advantages for your construction site over traditional in situ retaining walls.

One of the biggest advantages of using our precast units is that they are quick and easy to install, with less wastage than in situ. By choosing L-blocs produced in factory-controlled conditions the risk of external factors such as weather, staff shortages and raw materials not arriving on time, disrupting your projects timetable is considerably reduced.

Precast units also benefit from requiring no temporary works being built on site. This means you don’t need any bracing or shuttering as the units are simply placed on top of the foundation, designed to site-specific engineers’ requirements.

This not only saves multiple operations on site it also saves temporary works design costs and time but most importantly it eliminates key health and safety issues associated with in situ methods, such as working at height to complete shuttering and working in trenches.

Our units have been specifically designed to withstand loading from either side. This means that the units can be lowered into place, using the built-in anchor points, and can be oriented either side to allow maximum flexibility in tight areas. This design also ensures that the products do not suffer from heeling and coupled with predrilled holes they can be bolted down with resin anchors to ensure even the highest loads can be accommodated.

L-blocs are a popular choice for applications such as basements, retaining walls in areas of exposure such as marine environments, retaining banks to water ways etc. With sealing between panels available L walls make an ideal choice for bulk earth retaining walls. With the interlocking system providing a flat surface further waterproofing applications can be easily applied, giving you two forms of waterproofing whilst complying with building control bodies and insures.

Earth retaining walls advice

The choice of the right wall will depend on a range of different factors such as the height of soil to be retained, the ground conditions as well as the surcharge of the earth. Our designers and technical team can provide guidance on the best solution for your project, whether it be off-the-shelf or bespoke, so please do get in touch.

Get in touch with our retaining walls department

Our experienced sales team is always on hand to help and advise you on the features and benefits of all of our retaining wall products and would be more than happy to help you discuss the wide variety of options on offer.

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