Bespoke precast concrete for multi-storey car parks

Precast concrete is widely used in the construction of multi-storey car parks. Precast concrete lends itself well to these buildings due to its overall structural strength and durability.

With an increasing recognition of the need to appreciate users as well as functionality, designers are more and more looking to reduce the number of columns from the parking spaces. To achieve this, a long-span floor unit can allow the structure to be supported with fewer obtrusive columns.

The safety and security of people and their vehicles, are also important considerations. By having fewer columns, the risk of damage to vehicles is reduced.

Multi-storey car parks are commonly constructed using precast concrete. The constructions involve putting together precast parking parts which are multi-storey structural wall panels, interior and exterior columns, structural floors, girders, wall panels, stairs and slabs. These parts can be large such as double-tee structural floor modules which are lifted in place at the sites by precast concrete lifting anchor systems.

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