Bespoke precast concrete troughs

Our bespoke team can design and manufacture concrete troughs for civils & infrastructure projects.

Precast concrete troughs
Concrete troughs
Precast concrete trough

Whether placed above or underground or even flush with the surface, troughs from Poundfield Precast are designed to enclose and protect electrical and communications cables or pipes for utilities.

Chemical resistant and electrically non-conductive, precast concrete troughs are not subjected to extreme weather conditions, such as freezing or overheating. Designed for easy access to undertake repair or maintenance work, our troughs are fitted with a flush fitting lid to protect against accidental damage.

Poundfield Precast have provided drainage and cabling channels to National Grid sites across the country, including in Burwell, Cambridgeshire where 435, 1220 mm long trough sections were installed to carry excess rainfall to one of nine pump chambers. In order to cast the U-shaped concrete trough sections, our bespoke division constructed a set of ten special steel moulds incorporating the necessary profile to enable cover grills to be fitted flush with ground level.

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