Concrete Wall Panel

Concrete wall panels

Our concrete wall panels have a versatile application within the construction industry. Constructing a building or walling system can be made easy by using precast concrete wall panels. Easy to install and designed to your specification our offer ranges from prestressed concrete panels to a bespoke precast wall panel design.

Prestressed concrete wall panels can be used for constructing a wall, with the ability to be bolted to an existing or new steel frame, offering a faster alternative to the in-situ construction method. We manufacture panels to most sizes and with a range of thickness. Our interlocking joint design can provide a watertight finish, with sealant.

For a more complex construction you may need to speak to our bespoke design team, with experience dealing with large projects and varying panels we have the solution for you. We can design concrete wall panels to take into account access, ducting and much more.

Typical construction projects for concrete wall panels include:

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