Precast Concrete Push walls

Concrete push walls

Our precast and prestressed concrete push walls or thrust walling systems, which can be used in the construction of many projects, offers a quick and easy installation to meet your needs.

Prestressed concrete panels can be used for constructing concrete push walls. The horizontal concrete panels can be bolted to an existing or new steel frame, offering a faster alternative to the in-situ construction method. We manufacture panels to most sizes and with a range of thickness. Our interlocking joint design can provide a watertight finish, with sealant.

Alternatively, our precast concrete units can be bolted down or cast in, providing security against the pressures and loading of materials. A variety of heights across our product range to suit your needs is also available.

Whether you are looking to construct a push wall for an anaerobic digester or a waste transfer site, we can manufacture your concrete solution.

Recommended products for push walling

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