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Construction Concrete Products

The construction industry from residential to commercial projects has a variety of uses for precast and prestressed construction concrete products. Whether you are looking for flooring beams or concrete walling, our diverse product range and dedicated team can provide the modern methods of construction for your project.

Structural applications of precast construction concrete products include foundations, beams, floors, walls, and other structural components. It is essential that each structural component be designed and tested to withstand both the tensile and compressive loads that the member will be subjected to over its lifespan.

Multi-storey car parks are commonly constructed using precast concrete. The constructions involve putting together precast parking parts which are multi-storey structural wall panels, interior and exterior columns, structural floors, girders, wall panels, stairs and slabs. These parts can be large such as double-tee structural floor modules which are lift in place at the sites by precast concrete lifting anchor systems.

Beam and Block Floors

About us The Beam & Block Floor department was established in 2010 and has experienced rapid and successful growth while developing itself in the current...

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Concrete dividing walls

Dividing walls can be used to create individual storage bays or bunkers for storage and separation of products. Whether you are looking to install a...

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Concrete push walls

Our precast and prestressed concrete push walls or thrust walling systems, which can be used in the construction of many projects, offers a quick...

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Concrete security wall

Concrete security wall construction is made easy with our fast, interlocking concrete walling systems. The ideal solution to protect or secure a site. We manufacture freestanding wall...

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Concrete wall panels

Our concrete wall panels have a versatile application within the construction industry. Constructing a building or walling system can be made easy by using...

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