Retaining walls for High Heavens Waste Transfer Station, Booker, High Wycombe

Poundfield supplied 191 specially designed 3 metre high L-blocs to help meet a forecasted increase in waste of up to 82,000 tonnes.

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The High Heavens waste transfer station was opened in November 2015 with waste coming from the Wycombe, South Bucks and Chiltern Areas. In order to meet a forecasted increase in waste of up to 82,000 tonnes by 2041/42 (up from 55,500 tonnes) a development of the site to reconfigure some of the existing facilities, along with the construction of a new food waste handling building, was required.

Plans were drawn up to manage up to 106,000 tonnes of waste which included capacity for future contingency events.

Four new permanent bays were built to store green waste, each holding approximately 450m3 each, with one of the bays being used as a quarantine area. Additional storage for wood was to be provided by using freestanding Alfablocs.

The waste food processing building required a push wall storage bay capable of holding up to 300 m3 of food waste.

High Heavens Waste Transfer Station
High Heavens Retaining walls

For the green waste and food waste handling building we supplied 191 specially designed 3 metre high L-blocs. Due to the floor having weight restrictions, we redesigned the L-blocs to have a larger base in order to spread the load over a bigger area.

In total 5 bays were constructed, one inside a waste food processing shed and four outside. As the bay in the waste food processing shed was being used as a push wall the L-blocs were installed over a layer of concrete grout and then secured to the floor with 300mm long bolts.

L-Blocs were chosen as the best option for the building as they can be bolted down into the concrete base and the interlocking design reduces the risk of any product leakage occurring between the units.

We are also supplying 55 x 3.05 metre high Alfablocs which will be used for storing wood waste. These will be used as freestanding units rather than being bolted to the concrete floor to give the client the flexibility to reconfigure the bays as their storage requirements vary throughout the year. The Alfabloc’s patented jointed mechanism spreads the load horizontally against the units which gives it significant strength and stability.

Green waste and food waste handling building
3 metre high L-blocs

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