Expansion of Portland Port deep water berth

Portland Port on the Dorset coast has invested £25 million to build a a new deep water berth to simultaneously accommodate two 350m long cruise ships. Poundfield supplied 46 bespoke concrete precast U channels using a lower carbon 46% cement replacement mix.

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With the number of cruise ships visiting the port increasing every year coupled with growth in the volume of cargo ships bringing in animal feed meant that Portland Port needed to increase its capacity to handle an ever-increasing number of vessels. Managing Contractor: Knights Brown.

In 2022 Portland Port began an ambitious improvement project investing £25 million which saw the existing Deep Water Berth removed, and in its place a new extended berth along with a 74 m extension to the solid quay face. In doing so the new facilities will be able to handle two 350 metre cruise ships alongside at the same time as well as providing 16,000 m2 additional quayside space.

With work starting on 1st October 2022 and with the first two of the larger ships due in May 2023 the works had to meet a demanding completion deadline.

Steel Cage
Custom Steel Mould
Channels install

How did our bespoke department help?

We supplied 46 precast U channels which were placed over the steel piles and subsequently filled with concrete to provide the solid quayside. Due to the number of units a steel mould was manufactured. The channels which typically were up to 9.5 metres long, 2 metres wide and 1.87 m high. With the units weighing up to 23 tonnes each approximately 500 m3 of concrete was used. Knights Brown were very keen to deliver carbon savings where possible and a 46% cement replacement mix was used utilising GGBS which delivered carbon savings of approximately 63 tonnes of CO2 (a 34% reduction).

135 D blocks were also produced which were placed within each steel pile. These were used to connect the piles to the capping beams (with the help of a reinforcing cage and insitu concrete), as well as providing a connection for the 33 metre long tie rods.

Portland Port deep water berth
Portland Port deep water berth
Portland Port
135 D Blocks
Concrete D blocks

Concrete channels personalised to your requirements

Our bespoke team can design and create channels personalised to your requirements. Offering a comprehensive service from design through to finish, this option will provide a wide range of solutions for your channelling needs.

Our experienced sales team is always on hand to help and advise you on the features and benefits of all of our bespoke concrete products. We would be more than happy to help you discuss the wide variety of options on offer.

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Install photos kindly supplied by Knights Brown