Bespoke precast concrete culverts

Bespoke precast concrete box culverts

Concrete box culverts are used to maintain the flow of water whenever a physical obstruction is encountered or to allow for transport links over the top of a pedestrian subway. Reinforced precast concrete culvert sections from Poundfield Precast are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, and built to be long lasting.

The strength and durability of concrete culverts out- compete other material choices such as steel and are more versatile in its uses. They can withstand harsh weather conditions with no corrosion or rust issues and are less weather dependent when it comes to installation. As these are normally buried into the ground, it is essential that the top and side layers are able to manage the stresses applied and consideration must be made for vehicles and earth pressures. Our team of designers are able to work through your specifications with you to make sure the final products can meet your requirements.

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Bespoke precast concrete culverts
Bespoke precast concrete culverts
Bespoke Precast Concrete Culverts
Culvert Production

Concrete box culverts : what options are available?

We create bespoke concrete culverts rather than offer an off-the-shelf solution. This means that you don’t have to compromise your project around an existing shape or size. Instead, we will create a specific mould for your particular job.

We offer concrete box culverts which are typically enclosed on four sides along with three-sided culverts as well, but we can accommodate a range of different options within the design such as casting a vee shaped floor to improve flow rates and to help with self cleansing. Cast in lifting pins can also be included in the manufacturing process, leading to an easier and safer install process on site.

Units can be made up to 27 tonnes in weight and these can then be joined together to make longer culverts. We are able to manufacture interlocking sections to create a solution to fit your project.

We can also add a bitumen coating to improve the durability of the final product. By applying this prior to delivery onsite means time can be saved during the installation process. We can also pre-fix a waterbar sealant if needed which helps create water- tight joints of the box culvert.

To make the culvert mammal friendly we recommend that a mammal shelf be added post installation to allow animals to pass through safely.

We also manufacture bespoke precast concrete wing walls, head walls and trash screens depending upon your projects requirements.

Whatever culvert you are looking for, choosing a precast concrete option will result in fewer delays to your contract as they are manufactured off-site and delivered to the exact specification required. The culverts are typically installed with a crane and then backfilled, before moving onto the next piece. The use of precast concrete culverts means the installation process is faster and less weather dependent.

If you are looking for bespoke precast concrete culvert, call our special projects team on 01449 723150.

Bespoke Precast Concrete Culverts | Poundfield Precast
Crane lifting bespoke concrete culvert
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