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About Poundfield Products

Poundfield Products Ltd are a leading Precast and Prestressed Concrete Manufacturer based in Suffolk.

The company was founded in 1999 by Mark Jardine, whose experience of working, firstly on the family farm and then later in the compost and recycling industry led him to the design of a unique A’ shaped retaining wall system – branded as the Alfabloc®.

This Precast Concrete Retaining Wall system is still manufactured today and customers find it very quick and easy to install . It has no protruding toe and in many cases can be used freestanding.

The Alfabloc® has been successful since the beginning and today is manufactured not just in the United Kingdom but also under licence in Ireland, Europe and the U.S.A.

The company has continued to increase it’s Retaining Wall range and has also successfully expanded into Bespoke Precast Concrete design  and also into the Block and Beam flooring market.


1999 Company founded and Alfabloc® product launched.

2002 Prestressed Panels were introduced.  The combination of the Alfabloc® and Prestressed Panels provided a wider offer for Grain storage and division for the Agricultural market.

2003 L-bloc® product launch. The only Prestressed interlocking 1 metre wide ‘L shape’ Retaining Wall on the market. This product is lightweight and interlocking, making it more robust and easier to install than standard Precast ‘L shaped’ blocks.

2005 2 metre wide L-bloc® added to range. These have all the advantages of the original product but having the extra width means installation time is halved and it very competitive in terms of price.

As the applications of the companies concrete products increased as to did the markets for which the products appealed, seeing growth in Recycling & Waste management, Construction, Ports and Shipping.

2008 The Betaloc® XL is a lego block style design introduced first as a construction block for swimming pools, however because of the fact they are so easy to move and relocate they now have many other uses from Security Walls to Grain Store Walling.  The blocks lock together by the protruding concrete pyramid on the top side which match an indent on the bottom.

2009 A new offer of Bespoke Concrete Products made to customer specification was launched with great success. Initially focused of Precast Concrete slabs used in the construction of Car Parks, we now have a wide breath of experience in providing Precast Concrete solutions across a number of industries.

2009 With the increase use of Precast Concrete in Construction and the evolution of modern methods of Construction, the Concrete boundaries were stretched further with the Shuttabloc™. This product is quick to install but provides the same properties as a wall that has been cast in situ.

2010 The Block & Beam Flooring department was established; breaking into the Residential and Commercial property markets by offering a made-to-measure service and on-site design. A great many of our products are now supplied to Builders Merchants across the UK as well as direct to customers.

2013 The Taperbloc™ was introduced as a lighter alternative to the Alfabloc® (and this has now been replaced by the Taperbloc XL which has a slightly different design for easy maneuverability with a forklift)

2014 British Standards Industry assessment to obtain CE mark accreditation on our Retaining Wall and Beam & Block Flooring products.

2016 Today we still operate from our single site near Ipswich in Suffolk. Our business, product range and markets may have grown significantly but our core business principles remain the same: manufacturing quality concrete solutions, providing a complimentary support service from design to aftercare. Precast Concrete to be proud of.