New joint venture for the sale of Alfablocs into Belgium and the Netherlands

We’re expanding into Europe and are now selling Alfablocs into the Belgium market through our joint venture with B-mix beton, our sister company, who is also part of SigmaRoc.

Posted on: September 26th 2022    •    Posted in: Poundfield Precast news
Alfablocs Belgium

B-mix beton is located at Tessenderlo, which is between Antwerp and Masstricht, and will produce and supply Alfablocs to the Belgium and Dutch market. The joint venture combines the retaining wall knowledge and intellectual property of Poundfield Precast together with the manufacturing, sales and distribution network of B-mix beton.

Alfabloc has been successfully used in the UK for many years and is the only ‘A’ shape, interconnecting freestanding precast concrete wall system on the market. Its patented jointed mechanism aids in the spread of the load horizontally against the units. It is designed to be freestanding for the majority of uses, but can also be ground fixed for higher loading applications.

Popular in the waste and recycling , agricultural, and ports and shipping markets Alfabloc is the ideal storage solution when you need to avoid the mixing of bulk materials. It offers many advantages as a retaining wall solution. The Alfablocs are bolted together using steel interconnecting strips which creates one solid wall and can be installed quickly by a single person.

The units can also be easily re-configured and moved around which means it offers great flexibility if your storage requirements change. Simply unbolt the connecting strips which hold the units together and move with a telescopic handler or forklift.

Alfablocs into Belgium and the Netherlands
Alfablocs into Belgium and the Netherlands

The A-shape Alfabloc can be loaded on both sides and by not having a protruding toe, like a typical L wall might have, means the loading equipment won’t catch the units when material stored is being moved. This also makes the cleaning of the storage bays easier as the unique A-shape allows the material being stored to simply empty by gravity.

Alfabloc’s have been successfully used for grain store walling and silage clamps in the agricultural sector, while in waste recycling plants Alfablocs can handle the various stresses and impact from storing bulk materials such as aggregates, green matter, wood, glass and metal etc. They have also been used as concrete security walling at airports, for example, when major construction work has been taking place. Due to the thickness of the concrete, Alfablocs have been used at substations, power stations and shooting ranges offering ballistic protection.

The most popular size is the 3m version but it is also available in heights from 1 to 6 metres high.

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For sales enquiries in Belgium and the Netherlands contact B-mix beton at [email protected] or call 0475/43 74 73