Development project unearths 12th century silver penny

A silver coin dating back to Henry II was discovered recently during metal detecting of topsoil removed as part of the creation of a new car parking area at our site in Creeting St Peter.

Posted on: September 10th 2022    •    Posted in: Car parks
12th century silver penny

The coin is an issue of Henry II (1154 – 1189) and is known as a Tealby penny. Tealby pennies are a relatively common find but they are rarely preserved in such good condition as the example that was found. It is thought that the coin was struck at the Canterbury mint due to the reference to CANT on the reverse.

Tealby pennies were produced, as with most English coins up to the year 1662, by hand-hammering – a silver blank being placed between a pair of engraved iron dies and struck with a hammer to produce an image on each side of it, thus creating a coin.

Find out more about this find at the Cotswold Archaeology website.

The car park is nearing completion now and the improvements are all part of our larger plans to improve traffic movements and workflow in our main production areas.