Shuttabloc retaining wall system explainer video

The Shuttabloc retaining wall system from Poundfield Precast is a unique heavy duty retaining wall system designed to withstand considerable impact from loading plant and to retain higher loads.

Posted on: April 21st 2022    •    Posted in: Retaining Walls, Shuttabloc

Whilst traditional precast concrete walls are suitable for retaining bulk materials in many circumstances, some situations require a higher specification – this is where Shuttabloc comes into its own.

Shuttabloc provides a faster, more economic alternative to casting in-situ.

With no on-site formwork, faster installation and a factory-controlled finish Shuttabloc is a flexible, cost effective solution and is designed to exactly the same properties as an in-situ wall.

Shuttabloc’s patented design of a hollow precast unit with an internal reinforcing system means that up to a 50% reduction in build time can be achieved compared to full on-site construction. The installation process is also less weather dependant, as well as there being less wastage involved in the process.

In demanding environments Shuttabloc is a popular choice in industries where a heavyweight retaining wall solution is required. These include:

Waste and recycling plants, storage of aggregates, silage clamps and anaerobic storage plants, and material storage bays

Shuttabloc is available in four standard sizes from 3 metres to 6 metres high.

Installing Shuttabloc

Prior to installation the foundations are prepared by creating a compacted base and this will vary depending on what the ground conditions are. The units are then lowered into place. Once in position, reinforcing bars are inserted to link several units together. Further units are then placed in position depending on the final layout required. The joints between each unit are then filled and end covers are attached to seal the units. Reinforcing bars cast into the base of the Shuttabloc allow the wall to be anchored in to the ground slab. Concrete is poured into the top of the units, which combined with the reinforcement, provides a solid completed wall when dry.

Reducing the carbon footprint of construction projects is a key priority in order to meet the Governments target to achieve net zero by 2050. Poundfield Precast have led the way in the introduction of precast ultra-low carbon concrete and is able to offer Shuttabloc in either an ultra-low carbon concrete or using Ordinary Portland Cement. By using ultra-low carbon concrete, savings of up to 76% in embodied carbon can be achieved.

We offer a complete installation process from design through to completion but we can also offer Shuttablocs on a supply only basis depending upon your requirements.

If you’re looking for a heavy duty retaining wall solution contact the team at Poundfield Precast to see how Shuttabloc can help solve your storage requirements.