Poundfield Precast help out local Suffolk teenager

Posted on: October 19th 2018    •    Posted in: Charity Work, Poundfield Precast news
Delivering precast concrete for Gee Wizz charity project in Kesgrave, Suffolk

Poundfield Precast has been helping out in the local community, partnering with over 30 other contractors to build a new bedroom and wet room for a 14-year-old Suffolk resident.

Daniel Dellar from Kesgrave near Ipswich has autism and Dravet Syndrome, a form of paediatric epilepsy. Increasingly struggling to carry Daniel upstairs to his bedroom, or to get him in and out of the bath, Daniel’s parents had resorted to converting their living room into an improvised bedroom for him.

Despite continually asking for help, nothing was done to improve their situation until the Suffolk charity GeeWizz stepped in to help. They enlisted the help and generosity of 39 contractors, including Poundfield, to carry out a restoration of the Dellars’ home.

Kesgrave, Suffolk Charity DIY project

Alongside a new, purpose-built bedroom and bathroom space, other modifications have been made to allow Daniel and his family to live a more comfortable life.

For example, the concrete paving slabs we contributed to the project, which allow Daniel to access the back garden in his wheelchair.

Speaking about the project, Poundfield’s operations director, Paul Sheppard said: “I was asked through a contact if we would like to be involved. Of course, I said yes.

“Daniel is charming, and it was delightful taking part in this project and being able to give back to the local Suffolk community.”

More information about the project can be found here: http://www.ipswichstar.co.uk/news/kesgrave-diy-sos-rennovation-completed-1-5705472