Shuttabloc SigmaRoc and Tarmac Trading

SigmaRoc plc Partnership with Tarmac

Posted on: March 27th 2018    •    Posted in: Company News

Partnership with Tarmac, a CRH company

SigmaRoc plc, the buy-and-build construction materials group is pleased to announce it has entered into a licensing agreement with Tarmac Trading Limited (‘Tarmac’), for the manufacture, distribution and installation of its Shuttabloc™ system.

Shuttabloc™, developed by SigmaRoc subsidiary Poundfield Products Limited (‘Poundfield’), is a revolutionary precast retaining wall with internal reinforcing system and forms part of Poundfield’s offering of innovative offsite solutions. Protected by a series of patents, the Shuttabloc™ system has applications in the industrial, agricultural and infrastructure sectors.

The partnership entered into with Tarmac is an important next step in the development of Poundfield products, marrying scale, capability and client base with innovative product design. Tarmac will lead the commercialisation, production and installation of the Shuttabloc™ system with initial technical and advisory support from SigmaRoc and its subsidiary Poundfield.

Max Vermorken, CEO, commented: “We are very excited to enter into this partnership with Tarmac, the UK’s leading construction materials business. They are by far the group best placed to ensure the success of a very innovative retaining wall system. Tarmac will bring the scale and onsite installation capacity required to take this innovative system to the next level”.

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