State-of-the-art waste transfer station

Claydon Skip Hire using a range of different retaining wall solutions have created an efficient and organised workflow where movement of waste around the site is optimised

Posted on: October 24th 2017    •    Posted in: Alfabloc, Case studies, Industries, Retaining Walls, Waste & Recycling
Claydon skip hire

When you order a skip most of us probably think that when it’s taken away the rubbish in it ends up in landfill. Well, for family owned Claydon Skip Hire at Great Blakenham, up to 85% is recycled. Having moved to its current larger 3.5 acre site nearly 5 years ago, Claydon’s have invested heavily to create a state-of-the-art Waste Transfer Station where the focus is clearly on increasing the amounts they recycle every year.

Concrete Diving Walls

Flexibility of storage a key advantage

An integral part of this development has been the various retaining wall solutions that have been provided by Poundfield Precast. Being able to clearly separate the various types of waste that they handle has helped not only increase the amounts they recycle but has also helped maintain a safer working environment for their employees.

Andy Ingram, Director of Claydon Skip Hire, explains “We have used a combination Poundfield’s Alfablocs to keep waste separate and these are ideal for us as they can be loaded and worked on from both sides. We like the flexibility of the system and as the site has grown we have also been able to reconfigure and move the Alfablocs around to ensure we always have the best solution for keeping our different types of waste separate. Waste can be a particularly dangerous industry and by providing an organised storage system which minimises movement of product and allows us to keep the site as tidy and organised as possible reduces the risk to our team of staff”.

Waste wood processing store

Poundfield also supplied precast walling for use in Claydon’s waste wood processing store. Here waste timber is stored and then put in a large fuel burner, with the resulting heat generated being used to dry wet waste such as builders plaster board. Once dry it is a lot easier for the material to be sorted into its various components helping again to increase the amount they can recycle.

For more permanent storage prestressed retaining wall panels have been used within steel girders throughout the site.

Retaining wall solutions that grow with the business

By their very nature waste sites have to be able to handle everything thrown at them and are never a pretty environment to look at. However, Claydons continue to invest and develop their site to raise standards and by using a range of different retaining wall solutions have created an efficient and organised workflow where movement of waste around the site is optimised.

Matt Moss, Commercial Director for Poundfield said “We have been pleased to have played a small part in the success of Claydons and in working with them to come up with a system that can grow and adapt with them as their business develops and expands.

Photos from Claydon Skip Hire

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