Poundfield awarded the prestigious CE mark by the British Standards Institute for the third year running

Posted on: July 28th 2017    •    Posted in: Poundfield Precast news
Poundfield Precast CE Mark Award

Poundfield Precast has been awarded a prestigious designation for the third year running because of the quality of every single part of our production process.

We’ve been given the CE mark by the British Standards Institute (BSI), the body charged with improving and assessing the quality of British companies’ processes and systems.

This particular BSI evaluation was managed at our Stowmarket site by quality manager, Chris Skippins. According to Chris “the BSI looked at all our records and our processes to ensure that we are working to the criteria outlined in the British standards.

I then looked at what we were doing and tried to ensure that we were implementing everything that we should be. I would make sure that supervisors were carrying out necessary checks and that all of our plant was calibrated to the required standard and working properly. There are a lot of processes that need managing and various inspection and testing plans that need to be adhered to.

Before making the award, BSI inspectors looked at the practices of the whole company and commented favourably on our approach to health and safety, commenting “there was an obvious and significant improvement in the health and safety culture”.

Being awarded a CE mark is an ongoing assessment and as with other holders of the award, Poundfield Precast will be reviewed on a yearly basis. The objective is to ensure that all the elements and requirements of the management standard are effectively addressed by our factory production control.

Chris is looking forward to building on these achievements by “looking at any improvements identified by the BSI and correcting these for the next audit. In the long term, Poundfield plans to start working towards additional quality schemes such as ISO 900.

Our commercial director, Matt Moss added “congratulations to all of our staff, but especially Chris who oversaw this whole process, in securing our third CE mark accreditation in as many years.

The CE mark is an important validation for us as it supports our quality first, quality second and quality always motto in delivering great products on time and with the best customer service available to our growing range of customers. They can be assured that a Poundfield product will do its job – and do it well.

The CE mark also allows us to legally market and distribute our product range within the European market, and declares that our products comply with all applicable European Directives and Regulations.