Versatile Concrete Retaining Walls chosen for dual use at Polypipe

Posted on: November 30th 2016    •    Posted in: Alfabloc, Poundfield Precast news, Retaining Walls, Taperbloc XL

Since 2015, Poundfield Precast of Ipswich in Suffolk has supplied a total of 166 Alfabloc and Taperbloc XL Precast Concrete retaining wall sections for use at Polypipe Civils’ Horncastle facility in Lincolnshire. They have been used for for both storage and signage applications.

Polypipe is a leading manufacturer of plastic sustainable drainage, sewer, water management solutions and cable protection products in the UK. In order to meet the growing demands for its products, its Horncastle factory is currently operating around the clock, seven days per week.

This level of activity has resulted in a large number of daily lorry movements and to ensure safe control of the traffic volume, the company needed to install highly visible signage around its 30 acre site. Poundfield’s individual 2.4m wall sections have proved ideal for the purpose, being very robust and hence resistant to accidental damage and also very easy to move with a forklift if required.

In addition, Polypipe uses Precast Concrete sections for their originally intended use as a highly versatile retaining wall system. At the Horncastle site, they are being used to provide two storage areas – one for recycled plastic, the main ingredient of its range of piping products, and the other for completed pipes awaiting collection.

Commenting on the choice of Poundfield’s walling systems, Polypipe’s transport supervisor Martin Green said: “They are perfect for displaying signs directing drivers to the correct locations as they are totally weather proof and very easy to move to different places as required.

Poundfield’s Alfabloc wall sections can be supplied  in seven heights ranging from 1.2m to 6m and Taperbloc XL’s at heights of either 2.4m or 3m.