Our Retaining Walls are a firm favourite with Bedfordshire Farm

Posted on: May 31st 2016    •    Posted in: Alfabloc, Poundfield Precast news, Retaining Walls

Northwood End Farm in Haynes, near Bedford is a largely arable farm covering some 980 acres, run by father and son team Andrew & Sam Phillips.

Back in 2012 they decided to replace some of their old wooden retaining walls with fourteen 2.4m high reinforced concrete Alfablocs.

The old wooden sections were held together using metal braces which obstructed the use of machinery when removing grain from storage; this resulted in a great deal of laborious hand work.

However, once the freestanding Alfablocs had been installed this problem no longer existed and their machines could easily work right up to the walling. The new walling also meant the overall grain capacity was significantly increased.

The farm was so impressed with the versatility and ease of installation of the Alfablocs they ordered a further batch of fifteen in 2015 and had no hesitation in contacting us yet again in 2016 to order a number of our pre-stressed, interlocking concrete panels.

Twenty eight panels were used -mainly two high, to protect some shed walls that were showing signs of movement. Poundfield has manufactured the 1m high, 150mm thick panels to precise lengths ranging from 4 m to 5.8 m, with cast-in fixing points for ease of handling.

Once on site, these panels have either been lowered into metal channels bolted to the framework of the sheds or held in place using purpose-made metal brackets.

Mr. Phillips senior said: “We have been very happy with the help and support provided by the team at Poundfield and their ability to supply us with our exact requirements, including some special pieces to enable us to link the new vertical panel walls to the existing sloping faces of the Alfablocs. We have also appreciated the ease with which everything has gone together, with only a minimal amount of fettling required to achieve a perfect end result.”