Poundfield launches new freestanding retaining wall system – Taperbloc XL

Posted on: June 22nd 2015    •    Posted in: Poundfield Precast news, Retaining Walls, Taperbloc XL
Freestanding retaining wall

Poundfield Precast of Ipswich, the manufacturer of innovative pre-cast concrete retaining wall systems, has launched a freestanding version of its popular Taperbloc product, the Taperbloc XL.

The original Taperbloc was developed to meet a demand for a lower specification and hence lower cost alternative to Poundfield’s highly successful Alfabloc system. The standard hollow Taperbloc is typically used in applications requiring a permanent walling system for lightweight materials such as grain, silage and waste. Each section incorporates a unique ground fixing method which locks the sections together to create a strong and narrow continuous wall.

The company’s new Taperbloc XL, on the other hand, offers a similar, narrow freestanding retaining wall in a choice of either 2.4 or 3 m heights, but one that can be easily moved when required. This has been achieved by designing it to be freestanding thanks to the base of each section being solid concrete instead of hollow, thus resulting in a much heavier product than the standard Taperbloc item.

For example, a 2.4 high section of standard Taperbloc weighs 1.8 tonne whereas a similar section of Taperbloc XL weighs approximately 2.9 tonne. In addition, in order to make the new version easy to move around on site, the base of each 1220 mm wide section incorporates a pair of cast-in situ  pallet fork pockets.

This new freestanding retaining wall system is hence quick and easy to install and reconfigure and can be loaded on both sides for maximum storage capacity, with steel corner sections available to provide a continuous and gap-free wall.

For more information regarding the Taperbloc XL please speak to one of our sales team on 01449 723150.

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