A & A Recycling use Alfablocs in development of their Atherstone site

Posted on: June 12th 2013    •    Posted in: Alfabloc, Case studies, Retaining Walls
AA Recycling

A & A Recycling have recently installed over 200 linear metres of 3.05m Alfablocs as part of the expansion and development of their Atherstone site. The Alfabloc was chosen as the best system for the specified requirements, offering speed of installation and minimum maintenance.

A & A Recycling have been recycling wood for over 10 years, predominately collecting and processing materials from the West Midlands. As their business has increased, their existing three-acre site was redeveloped so that it could cost-effectively manage the increase in volume. The selection of the Alfabloc system was a significant part of this activity, and provides the flexibility needed for further expansion.